New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, September 9, 2011

Race report (Alumni 5k) plus Da After Party

September 3rd: Woke up at 7:45am. Made one packet of maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal, drank some Gatorade, and vitamins. Gathered all my things for the race and triple checked to make sure I had everything. Foam rolled before heading out the door at 8:55am. Kimber had to hit up the bank before arriving at the sports complex. I made it a point to remove my hat inside while she was depositing money. I wanted to show off my new hairstyle. She was a little embarrassed, but she still loves me. Alumni race was set to go off at 11:30am. A team was late so we went off at 11:45ish (it was Assumption College and they must of assumed it started at 11:30am, instead of 11). We made it to the parking lot at about 9:40am. Pre warmup to check out the new course at 10:15am. Another warmup once the girls went off at 11:15am. Race went better than I thought it was going to. I stayed tough and ran smooth. Long cooldown with Ryan, Thomas and Paige through Yale woods. All said and done, it was about 1pm. Pete Thomas' (coach) house for a BBQ between 1:30-2:00. Kimber and I killed some time by hitting up Walmart (fit right in with my haircut), Olympia Sports, and Verizon Wireless. Pete's house for a couple hours. Delicious free food and drinks. Ate some steak, pork, pasta salad, stale cookie wafers, and a few lemonades/iced teas. Drove back to Jaffrey to relax for a while. Hit up Kimball's for ice cream. We both got smalls on cones. It was literally 4 scoops of ice cream each. I ended up eating 6 scoops (mine and half of Kimber's). I thought of it as simple carbs for the half marathon rather than recipe for cramps/slowness. Kimber napped after while I watched TV. We got ready to head back to Keene (it's a 30 minute ride and it definitely adds up) for the bars! Wore my Zensah calf sleeves out to reduce any swelling. I was wearing pants, don't worry. We hit up Cobblestone's, McCues, and Railroad. I drank quality by having a Long Trail Blackberry Wheat, a New Castle, a Tuckerman's Ale, and a Long Trail Ale. Not drinking since graduation had 4 beers making me feel pretty chill. Loosened me up and I broke out some moves on the dance floor (I thought of it as a shakedown for the half marathon). Kimber drove Boj and I back. Sobreity test within 2 minutes of the drive. Kimber was practically hyperventilating, but we had nothing to worry about. Kimber only had 2 beers in the beginning of the night. She stopped drinking for 3 hours. She was the designated driver. A state trooper "followed us" for about a half a mile before turning off to a parking lot. It had actually met up with us at a rotary by chance, but Kimber believed it was on our tail right after the sobriety test. It wasn't. We dropped off Boj at his house. He had to climb through the window to enter since the doors were locked. Kimber and I made it back to her apartment by 1. Bed soon after, but not without pounding some Gatorade. 1/2 marathon tomorrow and a early wakeup for the 9am race.

Summary: Solid race. Faster course I would say and most people would agree. A second slower than last year. Can't complain. 2:28 at the 1/2 mile. 5:03 at the mile. A little fast and I was like in 10th maybe. Cooled off the jets for the 2nd mile, 10:23 (5:20). Cruised in and pushed the last mile with Hammet and Tim (probably about 5:07ish) We switched back and forth the last 1/2 mile. We all finished within a second of each other. 16:06 for 6th place overall and the 3rd alumni. 6 mile cooldown (Yale 7) at 45:37. 13 miles for the day. 

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