New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, September 9, 2011


September 2nd: Woke up at 6am to get ready for the day with the Forest Service. We had a meeting at 7:30am at HQ for group assignments and responsibilities for the day. The past week was focused on the Kancamagus and the front country campgrounds. This day was more about the high traffic trails such as Pemi East Side Trail that leads to my campsite and Lincoln Woods Trail (the one parallel). Once we were divided into groups, we were briefed on the task at hand for the day for each individual. A team of guys from Maine were down to help us for the weekend. Sweet! It ended up being John and I hiking up past my campsite to the Thoreau Falls bridge (a roughly 6 mile hike out there). Everyone got a later start because we had to review JHA (Job Hazard Assessments) for chainsaw use and level 1 trail work. Once we finished, we hit the trail at about 10am. We drove as far as we could on the trail leading up to my campsite. It was maybe a 1/4 mile before we reached a culvert that was exposed from a washout. We parked just before it and began hiking. The next 12 miles of hiking was pure astonishment and amazement of what mother nature has the power to alter the environment and landscape. Wow! If anybody has the chance to check out the White Mountains in the near future, you should. The river and trails make you feel like you aren't hiking in the same area. The sand deposits throughout the trails and river is incredible. Some of the trails are completely different. Pictures to follow sometime soon. I can't explain anymore. I was left speechless. Once we reached the bridge, we took a break for lunch and refueled for the hike back down. We made it back in great time. The only mishap was the last 1/2 mile of the hike where we had to climb down and back up the huge washout. The culvert was completely gone and moved about 30 feet from it's original position. The trail was basically missing with a stream flowing in the middle fit. We made it down to the stream okay, but climb back up the other side was a bit shaky. John led and the ground collapsed underneath his foot. He came crashing down on me. Luckily I am ridiculously strong and caught him with my arms (aka he didn't wasn't too high on the hillside and it was a sloppy catch by me). Both of us were okay and finished up the hike without any injuries. Made it back to HQ by 4:30 and I was on the road to Keene by 5. Made to Fowler Street (former residence) by 7:15. Tim was the only one home. Goupil arrived soon after. He gave me my white trash haircut with my new gold clippers outside. A mullet. Business inthe front, party in the back. Trimmed up the facial hair. Drove to Kimber's new apartment in Jaffrey. Pasta for dinner. Relaxed and bed early for the alumni 5k the next day.

Summary: Day off from running, but I did hike 12+ miles of quick hiking in on some rough trails. My legs were aching by the end of the day. Foam rolled and sticked my legs that night. Popped a couple Aleve before bed.  

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