New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Enough with Ketchup, Mustard Entry #1 (Almost present day)

August 22nd: Woke up at about 7am. Made a trip to the bathrooms and most people were still asleep. Got back made breakfast and made another round at about 8:15am. UNH was looking to cross the river, but didn't know if they should go around. I was sorta confused because that would be an extra 5.5 miles. I said I was going to check the river now and at that time, I highly suggested to cross the river. Once I reached the water, my mind was persuaded pretty easily to have them go around. The river was at least 6-8 wider on my side, plus none of the rocks/boulders/stones were in sight. Damn! The water was flowing at a steady pace. Way too dangerous to cross. With that, I revisited UNH and told them to head back down and head up the other side. Since it was still early, they had time. If they were going slow, I suggested to head down the middle via Franconia Brook Trail and stay at 13 Falls Campsite. With the inability to cross, I stayed at the campsite for the rest of the day and worked on the 3rd tent pad by filling it up with the sand/gravel mix. Plus, I sawed down a large sapling that had fallen into the path of the trail at the end by the bathrooms and dragged into the woods. Everything went well and got out of the campsite at about 2:30. Headed back to Plymouth and took the scheduled day off from running. I mowed the lawn that took too long because the grass was extra thick and wet. I had a date with Justin Carbee for dinner at the Panther Pub and Grill.  I grabbed the BBQ chicken wrap and couple Tuckerman Ales. Mmm, hit the spot. Relaxed for the rest of the night.

Summary: As of yesterday, I have 6 weeks of training left until my marathon, 4 weekends of care taking left, and 5 weeks of landscaping left. Homestretch here I come!

August 23rd: Woke up around 6:15pm. Work went by pretty quickly. Nothing special. PBJ, Clif bar and banana for food. Once I got out work, I chilled at the bunkhouse until I was ready to run. I am usually starving get out of work so I shovel pretzels with nutella in my mouth and down a bunch of gatorade. I give myself between 1-3 hours to digest depending on how hungry I was (aka how much I eat). Headed out for my run and ending up doing a few sets of pickups after a couple mile warmup and finished with a pleasing time for the run. It was my first run in my new Lunarfly 2's and they were amazing! Ran in the evening so I didn't feel like making dinner. I just ate a couple yogurts to hold me over. I had a protein shake right after my run. No worries, I eat normal the rest of the days out of the week. Relaxed at the bunkhouse and rested up for another day of landscaping and running.

Summary: 11.7 (72:49). I knew I was doing the loop and wanted to test out my legs in some way. So at about 2+ miles I decided to do 4 sets of 1 min on, 1 min off, 2 min on, 2 min off, 3 min on, 3 min off. I got into groove and the new trainers felt great. I took Gu at 45 minutes, hit 9 in 56:20, and cruised the last 2 miles. Huge confidence booster run and legs felt fluid. Overall pace ??????????

August 24th: Woke up at about 6am and another blah day at work. After this summer, I know landscaping is not something I ever want to go into as a profession or take too seriously at my future house. A small vegetable garden is something I could handle and enjoy. Out of work and same kind of deal as yesterday. Killed some food as soon as I got home. Headed out for a run earlier because laundry needed to be done. I headed out the door at 5:45pm. Kept it easy and made it back to prepare a protein shake/dinner which I don't remember what I made. I think I did chicken. I do remember eating a bowl of cereal before going to do my laundry. Took me the usual 1.5 hours and back to the bunkhouse for the night.

Summary: 8 miles (54:53). 28:35, 26:17 (last mile sub 6:15). Relaxing run and the second half in more or less downhill and flat. I wore my Triax Structures and definitely they didn't feel as smooth as the Lunarflys. My last 5 trainers were the original Lunarflys so that might be it. The bulk of the Triax might have too much of a heel for me. They worked fine, but I might not be able to go back to them as easily or notice more.

August 25th: Woke up at a normal hour for work. Nothing special at work. Just glad it was the end of the work week. With hurricane Irene on her way, my mom insisted that I only stay at the campsite until Saturday. I understood her concern for my safety. It gave me something to think about on my afternoon run. Rain was in the forecast so I got out the door fairly quickly after work (and by that, I sat on my iPad until I was hungry and snacked on something before heading out the door). Last minute decision on the run to make it into a workout. It was my 2nd run in the Lunarflys and they did me no wrong. Solid run. Relaxed for the rest of the night. Did a little grocery shopping for the planned shortened weekend with a couple cans of refried beans, tortillas, and a new jar of jelly. Though I had to ask where the jelly was. I feel like every grocery store I have been into the peanut butter and jelly is in the bread aisle. Am I right? For this Hannaford's, these two essential condiments are in the wine aisle along with some other random shhhtuff. I didn't even wanna look around to see what other items these two poor items were surrounded by. All of their family and friends were on the other side of the store alone. I could hear them crying and complaining about being separated from the breads, English muffins, bagels and other fluffy delicatessens. It would a disgrace. HQ and campsite in the morning.

Summary: 13.9 (88:02). Another confidence booster. Solid run. I was planning on doing this loop so I had my Gu ready for the 45 minute mark. With ran setting in at about 6 miles, it made for a excellent run. The "workout" was basically a tempo 10. I knew where 4 miles so I split from there. 4 miles 27:17 and the remaining 9.9 in 60:45. No pain and no chaffing, which is always a plus after running in the rain.

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