New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Long Run with The Ferenc

87 miles for the week

September 8th (Monday): Work until 5pm. Down to Albany to run with my buddy Pete through the Pinebush trails. 11 miles (77:02) through the trails. Solid run and easy terrain for quality recovery after the 10k yesterday. Stopped at Walmart before heading over to Pete's new apartment. Prepared a salad topped with Cajun chicken, avocado, peppers, cucumber and avocado. Back to the my house by 10pm to crash for the night.


He is not naked.

September 9th (Tuesday): Standard day. Double run recovery. 4+ miles (30:32) with Derrick in the morning. 8 miles (55:23) in the afternoon - part of it with Goup. Over to the local gym for a lifting session.

September 10th (Wednesday): 3 miles (20:47) in the morning. Normal day at work. Stayed late and ended up at the track late (I told people 6pm - I was there at 6:20pm). 5xmile with 400 rest. Goal time was 5:00-5:05. 2.5 mile warmup. Some strides and started up. Solo effort on the workout. Rocked my new kicks (Nike Lunaracers) and they felt friggin amazing. 4:55, 4:57, 4:56, 4:56, 4:50 (last 400 in 69). Total time in 33:10. Kept the rest under 7:00 minute pace. 2.5 mile cooldown. Five Guys for major protein to aid recovery to the muscles I ripped  up on the track.

 Two deliveries today in the mail. Non GMO and USDA organic protein powder.

Lunaracers and Streak 5s.
Reward myself with a cheeseburger.

September 11th (Thursday): Double day in the books. Egg salad for lunch. 5 miles (35:40) in the morning. 7 miles (51:51) through Kinns Road trails with Pete in the evening. Gym for a lift session.

Dozen eggs hard boiled.

September 12th (Friday): 4:30am wakeup. Out for 9.3 miles (70:52) with Renee at 5am. Egg salad wraps for lunch. Afternoon was wide open so I hit up the Recovery Room (celebrating Goup's last day at Global), then down to Albany for a surprise party. Slept on my couch for the night because I'm lazy sometimes.

8 eggs, avocado, relish, onions, mayo, paprika, salt and pepper.

September 13th (Saturday): 5 miles (32:20) in the morning hours. Gym, no tanning, and laundry in the afternoon before driving over to Ferenc's for the night. 4 miles at Ferenc's on my own. Mexican food for dinner. Crashed on the futon.

September 14th (Sunday): 8am wakeup. Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. On the road for a long run by 11am. 20 miles (2:09:40). Felt great and chilled the rest of the day at Ferenc's. Ate a bunch of food, watched Eastbound and Down, and moved 100 bags of wood pellets to his shed. Back to NY at night.

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