New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dunkin 10K Race Report (Entire Week)

90 miles for the week

September 1st (Monday): 2+ miles in the morning with Sarah and Bob to start the wonderful holiday of Labor Day. My mom bought a bunch of breakfast sandwiches from the general store. Scarfed down two of them on the drive downtown for the parade with the family.



Back to the house for the family picnic. Lots of delicious food and good company. Took a nap for a couple hours on the couch while the picnic was winding down. Exhausted from baking in the sun in the morning hours. Motivated myself to get back out on the roads for another 8+ miles (53:01) at 7:30pm in Newtown. Double 4 mile loop. 27:14 first loop. 25:02 second loop. 45 second bathroom break in the middle of the 2nd loop. Decided to stay the night and leave early in the morning for NY.
 Mid sneeze.

 Erin relaxing while feeding.

Madison taste testing Sam Adams.

September 2nd (Tuesday): 3:45am wakeup. 4am on the road back to NY. Easy drive and back in time to get in 4 miles (27:45) at 6:30am before work. Long day at work. 7 miles (48:44) with Goup after work and a lifting session with our buddy Tony G at Planet Fitness.

September 3rd (Wednesday): 3 miles (21:27) in the morning. Ran a pre-task planning class first thing in the morning with a bunch of people. Normal day at work. Busy overall. Home to relax and fall asleep (originally a 15 minute nap turned into an hour). Napped from 5:30pm-6:30ish. Woke up in a frantic panic thinking it was 6:30am and I had to squeeze a morning run before work. Instead it was the evening and I was well rested for my track workout.

Changed up and over to Burnt Hills High School for a mile, 2x800, 4x400 workout. Classic Keene State workout. Half rest. 3+ mile (21:32) warmup. Walked over to the track and started up around 7:30pm. Sorta dark out, but made it more relaxing.

4:56 (2:30/2:26), 2:22, 2:20, 67, 66, 65, 65. Solid work and felt smooth. Started off slow in the mile, but found a groove after that. Little less than a 3 mile (18:30) cooldown and back to the house to stretch and shower. 13.5 miles on the day.

September 4th (Thursday): 3 miles (20:58) in the AM. Standard day at work. 10 miles (69:58) in the evening my buddy Pete at Kinns Road Trail. Drills in the parking lot. Back to the house to change up and hit the gym for a simple lifting session. My buddy Ben Wicki set me up with a plan. 5-6 types of exercises (free weights --> standing scaption, bench, rows, lat pulls, and core). Nothing too crazy, but a quality 30-35 minutes in the gym.

September 5th (Friday): 10 miles (68:24) with Pete at the Kinns Road trails again. Humid, but a fun run. Strides after. Chilled for the night.

 Steak wraps.

September 6th (Saturday): 6:30am wakeup. Banana, yogurt and almond milk shake for breakfast. Jogged out the Malta 5k at 8:30am in the terrible humidity. 3++ mile warmup. Ran the Malta 5k (19:33). 1++ mile cooldown back to my car. Straight to work (I was 1/2 mile from the entrance). Showered and work until 1pm. Home to relax. Another 5.5 miles (40:42) in the evening with Goup and Pete at Kinns Road trails to finish a 13 mile day before the Dunkin 10k.

 English muffin with butter and local honey. Snack before the 2nd run.

 Steak and gatorade. A man's dinner.

September 7th (Sunday): 6am wakeup. Oat bran with almond milk, brown sugar and maple syrup for breakfast. Changed up and down to Albany with Goup for the Dunkin 5K/10K. At the race venue by 7:40ish. 2 mile warmup with my buddy Eamon along the course. Switched into flats and my jersey. Some strides on the starting line before toeing it with some competition.

Off the line relaxed and let a couple people take the lead for a change. 5:15 through the mile and started to push with Jaime Julia. Through 5K in 16:01 and feeling fairly smooth. Sun came out and humidity was higher than the start. Tucked behind Jaime for the 4th mile. Once we passed 4 miles, I surged and never looked back. Pushed to the finish and crossed in 32:02. Even splits and tired. 5 mile (38:09) cooldown with Jaime and Rich. Awards ceremony and back to the house to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

Watched World War Z on Netflix in the evening and out for another 6.5 miles (46:18) at 8:30pm. 20 miles on the day. Bed at a decent hour.

5K and 10K start.

 First 5K.


 Roughly 4 miles.
FaceTiming with Tupac (aka Madison ready for a day hike).

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