New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, August 29, 2011

Ketchup Entry #2/Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT

Family vacation abbreviated since most people that read this were there witnessing most things. I will focus more on the running aspect.

August 14th: Woke up around 9am. Fueled up a bit and headed out to the trails for an exploration run. Legs felt great on the softer terrain and I allowed myself to get "lost" for a bit. Kimber and Bob arrived later in the day. We hit up the pool and hot tub with some brewskis (we split two beers between 6 people, they were distributed in dixie cups since no glass was allowed in the whirlpool/jacuzzi/hot tub area). Last minute decision to stop by the farmer's market. Kimber met us there. We grabbed a whole bunch of blueberries, hot pepper jam, and sampled everything. We resided back to Trapp for corn hole and more brewskis. Dinner was, I think, spaghetti and meatballs. 

Summary: 12.5 miles (1:34:08). Found some neat new trails compared to previous years. Lots of hills and being lost. Rewarding run to get in 43 miles for the week. I am not too concerned with the mileage this week. I just wanted to be able to run everyday. This upcoming week will be the real test of the achilles. Feel good this week and I will be back in the swing of things.

August 15th (Monday): Fresh start to the week by sleeping in and running a short run with Kimber before we headed out to Burlingtonfor the day since it was planning on raining all day. Great run. Kimber and I cruised back at a solid clip to finish up an out and back. Burlington was all about the Magic Hat Brewery, shopping, and food. A wonderful day with the whole family. Dominic asked me to be in the wedding. Saweet! Retreated back to Stowe for a whole smorgasbord of snacks for dinner. An intense game of cranium was played for the rest of the night. All I have to say is broccholi aka official nickname/ongoing joke for the rest of his life.

Summary: 3.5 miles (27:50+ minutes). 15 minutes out, cruised on the way back. Kimber was pushing the pace, which was a surprising but fun change of pace. 

August 16th: Woke up sometime a lot later than normal, which is an amazing thing on vacation. Ginormous family group run. 9 people running through the trails. We made it to the chapel except for Erin and Dominic. I went back to look for them. They ended making it back and I continued for some more miles. Once we finished, my mom made blueberry pancakes for everybody. Peter, Dominic, my dad, and Frank played a round of real golf while the rest did the mini golf things. We all meet after at Ben and Jerry's Factory. I grabbed a new flavor. I forgot what it was called, but it was bomb. The rest of the day was relaxing as usual.

Summary: 6.5 total (50:00) 23 minutes with the family and 27 on my own. It's nice to run slower and warmup before heading out for additional mileage. Always feels better.

August 17th: Woke up early to run a easy trail jog on my own. Brunch was basically all the leftovers from the past few days at about 11am. We all headed to the Alpine Slide (a tradition). It was Kimber's first time on a chairlift so it was a little nerve wrecking for her. After the one ride on the sled down the cement slide (look it up for pictures and more of an explanation). We played 4 square and life size chess. Kimber headed out at this point. We drove back to Trapp to lay out by the pool. Sarah and I planned to run at 5 and then we figured out their is a small trail race each week right at the Trapp trails. So my mom, Erin, Sarah, my Aunt Kathy and I did the 5k course. It was lots of fun and won a couple certificates to the deli/bakery. We ordered pizza and played another game of cranium at night.

Summary: 4 miles in the am. Nice and easy. 3.5+ mile warmup, 5k+ race (18:27), 1+ cooldown. Ran the first part of the warmup with Sarah then extended it to a loop of the 5k course (it was a double loop course). Cruised through it. No competition in the race so I killed the first mile or so and chilled the rest. I was still working the rest of the race, but I was all by myself. I think 2nd was 20:00+. Once I finished, I headed back to finish with Sarah, then Erin then my mom. That was my cooldown. The course was all trail and lots of switchbacks. Interesting course, but it was fun to change it up. 1st male and 1st female so we walked away with two $15 gift certificates. The day wasn't exactly set up for a race at 6pm because we laid out in the sun for a couple hours, ate tapioca pudding about 45 minutes before the race. No big deal, but Sarah and I felt the pudding on the second loop. 12 for the day. 

August 18th: Woke up and we headed to bakery to use our two certificates for all sorts of treats. The day was spent downtown window shopping. Hit up The Laughing Moon for chocolates. Sarah and I headed out early to run through the trails before we left Vermont. We ran at 2:45pm and started driving back at 5. We stopped at the Tilton outlets for some quick skimming of the stores. Obviously I walked straight into the Nike Factory Store. Found some sweet attire on the clearance rack. Bought the stuff and stayed at my cousins that night.

Summary: A great 7 mile run with Sarah in the trails for the final day in Stowe, VT. Thanks Papa Joe and Grandma for an amazing spot in New England. It is always a pleasant time at Trapp Family.

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